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  • I need design consultancy to be able to determine my exact requirement, how can Orbit Security Systems help?

    Orbit Security Systems offers Pre-Sales & Technical Support.

    Site surveys, meetings, AutoCAD design or any other services can be organized with the client. We carefully study your requirements and provide you with the best consultancy when needed.

    Demos can also be arranged as per request in coordination with vendors or suppliers on site or at Orbit office.

    Our engineering team consists of:

    - Technical Project Managers
    - Sites Project Managers
    - Jr. Project Managers
    - Project Engineers (Electrical, Electronics, Networking & Software)
    - Pre-Sales Engineers
    - Fiber Specialists
    - Auto Cad Engineers
    - Engineering Support Specialists

  • What are the main advantages to choose an IP-based Solution over a lower cost Analog Solution?

    The IP revolution has brought numerous advantages and features to the CCTV realm like better expandability as the system grows, megapixel picture quality, intelligent camera capabilities, advanced video analytics, remote access & longer distances when installing.

    The main difference between the two camera types is the way in which the video signal is delivered. Analog cameras turn the video signal into a format that can be received by a television or other receiver such as a VCR or monitor. An IP-based camera, also known as an IP network camera, digitizes the video signal using a specialized encoder that contains an onboard web server. This allows the IP camera to act as a network device, thus allowing captured video images to be viewed not only through an existing network but also through a web browser that can be accessed through the Internet

    Both analog and IP-based video cameras can transmit signals either wirelessly or through wired connections such as Cat-5 cables. IP-based cameras have the added benefit of being able to use switches, hubs, and routers that allow the Cat-5 network to be expanded to much broader ranges.

  • What is an IP camera?

    An IP camera is a camera that digitizes and processes analog images, encodes them internally, and then transmits the video information digitally over an Ethernet connection to a computer or similar device. An IP camera can have either a CMOS or a CCD sensor, and is available in the same styles as traditional surveillance cameras such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom, domes, bullets, box, infrared, covert, and wireless.

    IP cameras are typically equipped with an embedded web server and can be accessed and controlled over any IP network such as a WAN, LAN, Intranet, or Internet. By utilizing a standard web browser or client software users can view an IP camera’s video output from any local or remote location.

    IP cameras combine the capabilities of a camera with some PC functionality, do not require a direct connection to a PC to operate, and can be placed anywhere within a network. Just like any other PC on the network, an IP camera is a “network appliance”. It has its own IP address, connects directly to a wired or wireless network and requires maintenance.

  • After Sales is a major concern, what does Orbit Security Systems have to offer regarding maintenance & follow up?

    Orbit Security Systems provides you with different options regarding After Sales Maintenance Contracts that can extend up to five years.

    In order to be able to continuously serve you better, Orbit allocates maintenance teams only for this purpose, offering to our existing and potential clients the guarantee to keep your security systems functional and your properties and businesses secure.

  • Is it possible to migrate my existing analog CCTV system to IP without having to remove it entirely?

    Yes it is. Orbit Security Systems uses encoders which help encode the signals from your analog camera and change them into digital IP and then sends the video to a PC server that runs surveillance software for monitoring and recording.

    This will allow you to discard your old DVRs and have a fully digital head-end, without having to go through the process of replacing your analog cameras.

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