Along with our IP based expertise and our diverse engineering background, we have been brought into many projects to provide total solutions. From structured cabling, networking, communication systems, telephony, home automation and much more, let us show you what we have done and what can be designed especially for you.

Orbit Security Systems  currently serves several business areas in demand for sophisticated systems regionally. Some of these include servicing capabilities for the following sectors:

Government & Critical Infrastructure

Our range includes complex deployments of security systems designed to enable authorities to take better decisions when under a threat.


Hotels are the lifeblood of every city. Hotels are the pride of cities and such require, not only the latest in technology systems to maintain a true star rating..


One’s home should be their safe haven. More developers realize that a major value add to any project they are undertaking is the security factor.

Malls and Retail

Retail’s biggest concern is petty theft, shoplifting and stock going missing.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sectors are the lifeblood of the region´s economy.


Orbit Security System's product range includes security systems designed to enable banks to take better decision when under a threat, as well as preventive endeavours.

Defence,Military and Enforcement Agencies

As Governments grow and their entities become scattered across city and nation, centralization of information and control of the various entities becomes imperative especially from a security perspective.

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